System battery "Universal"


Designed for womens bike frames

36V Battery system included 313Wh battery and charger, designed to be able to be installed to any bike !

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A battery designed for women bikes or any case where the drink bottle batteries don’t fit.
It’s mounted onto the seat tube just underneath the saddle or any other desired location

Main features : 

  • Universal frame holder, compatible with any frame
  • Distance possible : 63km (based on 5Wh/km)
  • Range: good for ~75 min up hill driving with 250W
  • Battery management system for optimal charging and battery-life
  • On / Off switch
  • LED battery charge level indicator
  • Key lock theft protection
  • High density LiMn cells of latest generation
  • 60W Charger included (220V/110V)

Technical characteristics :

  • Battery : 313 Wh
  • Power : 36V / 8,7Ah
  • Ultralight weight: 1,8 kg
  • Charging time : 5,2h
  • Dimensions : L110 x l75 x h71 mm
  • not compatible with Gboost Platin

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