Benefits of the Gboost E-bike Retrofit Kit
(compared to others Retrofit Kit Friction Drives eg. add-e go-e)

Small & light-weight

The motor unit is so small that people will barely notice the motor mounted to the bicycle. It weighs only ~950 grams.
(shown here in a hand for seize reference)


Cycling with no battery & Energy-recovering

The motor can be fully disengaged to guarantee no braking forces what so ever in the normal bicycle mode. So you can continue to use your Gboost-ebike without motor assistance also as a normal bicycle. Or you can keep it engaged to re-charge your battery when rolling downhill and also use less your breaks.

Easy to install in minutes

The Gboost-E-bike-Kit can be installed in no time on any size of bicycles, without the need of special tools or skills…

  • one screw only to fix the motor & control unit.
  • no need to install an external magnet disk (on newer bikes is often not enough space) 
  • no a battery-powered wireless senors (another battery and wireless connection failure risk)

(check out the short video)

(and compare to others like add-e or go-e)

Proven high reliability

To survive the daily use, especially in wet and dirt conditions, the Gboost motor is a real closed design. Dirt and water will cause no damage or corrosion. All connectors a sealed, too. 
The bearings, one on each side, are over-seized to take the tire pressure loads to ensure for a long live.

(Other friction drives on the market use just standard stock RC model motor designs, which are very sensitive to dirt because and corrosion, due to their open air-cooling design.  These RC motors also have and only one small bearing on one side, not designed for the tire pressure load and fill fail sooner or later. )

Thanks to our special designed control technology, there are no external sensors or hall sensors needed. 

Our Gboost V2 was sold over 1000 units in Decathlon stores, with an exceptional low failure rate and still running strong, thus of their fully closed design. 


Ultra silent

The newest engine technology paired with our internal damping makes the Gboost is so quiet that bystanders cannot hear whether you are driving with or without engine assistance.

GBoost is still the only really silent friction drive in the market, you can buy today.
Check out the video:   (click on the image) 

Internal Pedal Sensor:
simple, reliable & compatible with any pedal crank

Thanks to the the integrated pedal assist sensor (patent pending), just stick a tiny magnet to the pedal crank, save time and forget it for ever.

There is no more need to install a classic pedal assist sensor and the ugly magnet disk as well. This also often caused installation challenges in the past, thus in many modern pedals systems is not enough space for the magnet disk.  The old classic external sensors often fail, either because so sensitive to the position (+-2mm). And the newer wireless external sensors, often run out of their battery or even have disturbed wireless connections in some areas.  We used this solutions in the past…   not anymore… 😉

Extreme efficiency and Range
works with not perfect round wheels

To avoid the slipping of the motor, a patented pressure regulation assures that there is just enough pressure of the motor onto the tire, so it is not slipping (also in wet conditions). The motor should also not press too much and deform the tire, thus this would waste energy. 
This regulation mechanism also compensates for less tire air pressure or not perfectly round turning wheels. (Which is not so rare in real day to day usage of bicycles)

One more thing, for the geeks… : The pressure regulation is also responsible that we have unbeaten efficiency among friction drive systems, even outperforming many classic e-bike systems.
And better efficiency means, you will get more range with the same battery

GboostV6 phone app menue
GboostV6 phone app configure mode

Configure speed- & power- limits to your liking with our phone app

With the Bluetooth LE capabilites you can connect the Gboost controller to your phone. So you can adjust via sliders the speed and power limits for each of the 5 assistance modes. As well other features eg. anti-theft, kids-mode and more to come via software upgrades.
 NEW apps for: Iphone, Ipad and Android phones,

Gboost Motor System Specifications

Motor - Controller-Unit

Available versions: 

Gold :

«EU-conform speed and power»

Smart controller, high efficiency and silent operation

Power: 250 Watts continuous & 375 Watts 

Speed: 25 km/h 

5 Assistance modes

Suggested Battery : 36-48 Volt

Weight: 950gr


«All Gold features plus extra speed,  extra power and phone connectivity »

Smart controller, high efficiency and silent operation

Power: 500 watts

Speed:  +32 km/h

5 Assistance modes

Suggested Battery : 43-48 Volt

Weight: 950 gr


Light weight battery with high performance last generation Panasonic lithium cells, in low key bottle form.

  • In stylish all black design and 
  • Easy universal installation on your bike
    The battery holder is easy to mount on any bike frame, with just 2 screws at the holes for the drink bottle or if not available with 2 clamps at any place.
  • Battery management system for optimal charging and battery-life
  • On / Off switch
  • LED battery charge level indicator
  • Key lock theft protection
  • Water & dust protected connector, assuring proper contacts at any adventure.
     And the spiral cable allows you to adjust the length to your bike need without having to cut and refit the cable connector.
  • A 90W power charger is included. 

Available versions: 

1) “Smart”-Battery: 

Best price performance

  • Battery : 251 Watts-hour
  • Power : 43,2V / 5,8Ah
  • Ultralight weight : 1,6 kg
  • Charging time : 2,8h
  • Dimensions (diameter x length) : 85 x 216 mm
  • Distance possible : ~+50km **

1) “Performance”- Battery:

50% extra range

  • Battery capacity : 365 Watts-hour
  • Voltage : 43,2V  8,7Ah
  • Ultralight weight: 2,3 kg
  • Charging time : 4,2h
  • Dimensions (diameter x length) : 85 x 285 mm
  • Distance possible : ~+75km**

*in EU-Countries for use on private non public streets use only, max speed depending on battery voltage
**based on a realistic 5Wh/km at continous usage in normal assistance mode on a flat surface, it will be less at high power- and high speed modes, your range depends also on your weight and your cycling style as well tires etc. 

Feature summary of Gboost V6 E-bike System

  • Ultra-light: less than a 1kg (motor& controller system)
  • Full ebike-power up to 500 W * (the Gold version is limited to EU legal limits)
  • 2 Speed limits 25km/h Gold  and +32 km/h Platin * (the Gold version is limited to EU legal limits)
  • 2 high density battery offerings:  251Wh 1,6kg Smart and 365Wh 2,3kg Performance (for extra range)
  • Still keep “Real pure cycling mode”  with no breaking force whilst riding non assisted
  • Can recover energy and recharge battery rolling downhill (motor works than as a dynamo)
  • High reliability, thus designed for the daily heavy use (motor is fully closed, double bearings, no external sensors…)
  • The only really silent friction drive which you can buy today (it’s in stock now,  so no typical kickstarter/indiegogo delay risks for you)
  • Fast and easy installation (no special tools needed, just one screw for the motor unit, no external senors needed)
  • Configure each of 5 assistance modes (speed & power) to your liking  (with Phone app; IPhone & Android)
  • Higher efficiency leading to longer ranges   (with same battery seize and assistance)
  • Internal Pedal Sensor, with no need of magnet disk or extra battery powered wireless sensor (less failure-risk) 
  • Works even with buckled wheel  ( thus of the motor-tire pressure regulation) 
  • Compatible with all seizes of bikes (same unit can be mounted on 20″ up to 29″ wheel seize bikes)
  • Gboost V6 new design is more universal and fits now even frames with tight mounting spaces 
  • Works also with no accessories installed on the steering bar if you want a clean simple even faster installation
  • Competitive price performance  (feel free to compare us with other retrofit e-bike kits or friction drives eg. add-e or go-e…)

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