Unique Gboost system features


High reliability

To survive the daily use, especially in wet and dirt conditions, the Gboost motor is a real closed design. Dirt and water will cause no damage. Also the bearings are over-seized for heavy duty long live.

(Other friction drive copies on the market use just standard of the stock RC model motor designs with open cooling slots, which are very sensitive to dirt because of their open housing. )

Ultra silent

When you drive by people will not know if you are in power mode or just in normal cycling mode thus of our especially developed intelligent controller and internal vibration damping.
Check out the video: fist the classic essential version than at 0:50 min the new intelligent silent version .

(Please note: The Essential Line has the old classic controller without this feature!)


Easier, faster self-install

& compatible with any pedal crank

Thanks to the the integrated pedal assist sensor (patent pending), just stick a tiny magnet to the pedal crank and save time. There is no more need to install a classic pedal assist sensor and the ugly magnet disk as well. This also often caused installation challenges in the past, thus in many modern pedals systems is not enough space for the magnet disk. Also no special tools are needed to un-mount the pedal cranks to install a magnet disk as for many classic retro-fit e-bike-systems.

(Please note: The Essential Line has the old classic controller without this feature!)

Anti slip &
unbeaten efficiency

To avoid the slipping of the motor, a patented pressure regulation assures that there is just enough pressure of the motor onto the tire.
This mechanism also compensates for less tire air pressure or not perfectly round turning wheels. (Which is not so rare in real day to day usage of bicycles)

One more thing, for the geeks… : The pressure regulation is also responsible that we have unbeaten efficiency among friction drive systems, even outperforming many classic e-bike systems.
And Better efficiency means you will get more range or assistance time out of the same battery.




Light weight battery in low key bottle form with
high performance Panasonic lithium cells.
The battery holder is easy to mount on any bike frame, with just 2 screws or 2 clamps.
Now new: stylish all black design and water & dust protected connector assuring proper contacts at any adventure.
A 90W power charger is included. The Water & dust protected connector assure proper contacts over years.