Why the Gboost E-bike System

With the Gboost E-bike System you transform your bicycle into an pedelec/e-bike in no time, whilst keeping the best of both worlds a pedelec / e-bike (pure fun, no sweating, hardly noticeable and silent) and still with the same bike a normal bicycle (light, agil and no fear of running out of battery)

Some installation examples

The Gboost System is:

Small, light-weight and reliable

The motor unit weighs only ~950 grams and is so small that people will barely notice the motor mounted to the bicycle. It’s designed for the rough daily usage, the motor is completely closed and all bearings are over dimensioned, dust and water sealed.


Easy to install on any bike

The Gboost-E-bike-Kit can be installed in no time on any type and size of bicycles, without the need of special tools or skills…


Switch between bicycle and e-bike in a second

The motor can be fully disengaged to guarantee no braking forces what so ever in the normal bicycle mode. So you can continue to use your Gboost-ebike without motor assistance also as a normal bicycle.

It can hardly be noticed…

…battery is mounted at seat stay.

Compare the Gboost system motors

GOLD 2019

« Best price - performance, ultra silent at EU-law-conform power and speed »
  • Speed-limit: 25 km/h
  • Power: 250 Watts continuous & 375 Watts peak power 43 Volts
    High efficiency motor for maximum range
  • Ultra Silent operation
    (V6 smart sensor-less controller)
  • Faster & easier installation
    (Integrated pedal sensor, improved design)
  • 5 assistance levels


«  Extra speed and extra power whilst ultra silent & phone connectivity to configure individual assistance modes »
  • High Speed limit: +35km/h or 32km/h (=20 miles for the US)
  • Power: up to 500 Watts 43 Volts
    Extra high power
  • Ultra Silent operation
    (V6 smart sensor-less controller)
  • Faster & easier installation
    (Integrated pedal sensor, improved design)
  • 5 assistance modes,
    which can all be individually configured with the with the Blue-Tooth-LE phone app.
    (speed limits and assistance levels)
  • In EU-Countries for private roads usage, only

Gboost is fun and easy to use…

We love seeing the happy grin on our customers face!

What our customers say

some more customer-bikes with Gboost motor system installed

“…I have to say, it’s a lot of fun to drive with the electric “tailwind”!
I am also really surprised how quiet the gboost is, actually not really audible,
top :-)!

so quiet, not really audible… ”

S. Lachnit

“…We have a big hill on our way home, which kept us from using our bikes. With the Gboost we have it all. Keeping our normal light agile bicycles in the city and enjoy the power of a e-bike on our tough hill riding back home.

It’s so much fun and so healthy, too…”
Dr. A. Fleischmann

“…How do you manage to get so much power into such a small light package and keep it reliable?
This is not an classic pedelec. This ultra light weight Gboost bike is a whole new bicycle category.”

Simply outstanding! …

Prod.Mgr. Frank C.

“…I’m using the Gboost since 2011 for my daily commute to work. Even in winter with snow and salt. The specially sealed motor is still running strong.

Prof. B. A. Imhof

The Gboost-E-bike-System-Kit, is it for you … ?

  • You would like to ride more often your bicycle, but there is this one hill on your way which takes out all the fun.
  • You want to keep your bike but also like to enjoy e-bike power-boost.
  • You love to keep your light weight bicycle feeling and you don’t like heavy E-bikes.

So now…. with a Gboost-System-Kit installed on your bicycle you decide anytime: when and where to use your bike as a normal bicycle or to use it with motor assistance, so you can:

  • Drive up the hill without effort
  • Drive to work without sweating and exercise on your way home in bicycle mode
  • Enjoy cycling tours with your usually faster cycling partner

Where to buy a Gboost-system ?

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