Kit Gboost Platinum Performance

1.299,00 €

The combination of our most powerful motor with our long range battery system, with phone app
(complete system bundle including battery and charger)

Save 149€ with our complete system bundles (instead of motor and battery system sold separately)

Product Description

Motor Platinum description : 

  • Motor power high performance : 300W 42V
  • Sealed and designed for long life
  • High efficiency motor for maximum range
  • Next generation smart controller
  • Low motor noise in power mode (people will not even know when your motor is on)
  • Unlimited Assistance levels
  • Bluetooth App to change speed- & power- limits
  • Max speed limit 35 km/h (for private non public streets use only)
  • Faster, easier and more universal installation
    (Thus No need for external Pedal Assist Sensor and magnet disc installation and special adapters possible)
  • Modern design

System battery “Long Range” (charger and fixation included) : 

  • Distance possible : 75km (based on 5Wh/km)
  • Range: good for ~1h30 up hill driving with 250W
  • Battery management system for optimal charging and battery-life
  • On / Off switch
  • LED battery charge level indicator
  • Drink bottle design : easy and fast fixation at water bottle holes 5 mins
  • Key lock theft protection
  • High density LiMn cells of latest generation
  • 90W Charger included (220V/110V)
  • Universal frame holder, compatible with any frame (with available adapters)

Technical characteristics of the battery :

  • Battery : 365 Wh
  • Power : 43,2V / 8,7Ah
  • Ultralight weight: 2,2 kg
  • Charging time : 4,2h
  • Dimensions (diameter x length) : 85 x 285 mm

› Save 149€ with our complete system bundles (instead of motor and battery system sold separately) !